Friday, March 5, 2010

flea market weekend - woohoo!!


I have been waiting...and waiting for my flea market to open for the season!

Notice, I say my flea market...but it has become such a part of my life...I feel I can call it whatever I want! But really, its known just as the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL.

I give 7 months of my year to selling there...but this weekend I am getting my shop on, so watch out girls!

I'm bringing my husband...he's got the whole linebacker body style goin' he is going to block for me while I grab what I want to buy.

Ok, so he will most likely be standing there with a coffee holding my purchases looking reeeaaaallly bored while I buy more stuff I don't need.

Here is what I am on the hunt for...

White dishes...all shapes, all sizes...I have a new 8ft wide cabinet to fill lets remember!

Oh, and any old metal things...salt/pepper shakers, platters, pitchers...whatever. I want to mix a little in with the ironstone in the above-mentioned cabinet.

(image: country living)

Mirrors like these...I am filling a wall in my entry and need a couple more. Why oh why did I sell all I had last summer. Ugh.

(image: country living)

I will be hunting for 2 of these...why the heck are they so hard to find right now? Not one antique store in my whole town has one. Geesh! I need one for my office and the other for a guest room reno I am doing. Anyone have one they want to sell?...I didn't think so.

(image: unknown)

Oh, and if I could find one of these I could die a happy woman. I am searching the world over right now for a new farm table. I have one, but it is too small in my new home. I want a nice long one that would seat 8-10. This one may take a while....

(image: Atlanta Bartlett)

And no trip to the flea market would be complete without coming home with a truckload of this...I've got orders stacking up, and I don't like to disappoint!

(image: me)

Wish me luck girls! Hope you all get to go to a flea market this weekend! Here in IL it is going to be 50 degrees - WOOHOO!!! It is about time!

Happy Friday, girls!


  1. I have got to put that flea market on my list. Crystal Lake/St. Charles is NOT that far from Green Bay!
    P.S. used to live in Grayslake and worked in Lake Forest.
    Good Luck treasure hunting...and save some for us!

  2. Have fun! I hope you have luck finding all your treasures. I've seen some chandeliers on ebay recently but most of them are so over priced. Good luck!! ~Angela~

  3. Oh such treasures. The thrill of the market always makes my heart pitter patter. Loved those mirrors!! Have a ball and enjoy your warm weather.

  4. I so wish I was closer! So much so I did a mapquest to see. Nope, way to far perhaps later this year as your pictures are making me drool! Have fun and Happy Hunting!

  5. I sure wish I had a flea market close to my home! So nice to pick up so many treasures in one place. Good luck! Anxious to see what you got!

  6. good luck and have fun! Our flea market last weekend was a little disappointing. Hopefully you will find everything you are looking for!


  7. Girl it is uncanny how alike our likes are!! we would be fighting over the same treasures at the flea if I was going! and you know I am down for a godo friendly scuffle! :) have a great time and please show us your finds next week! xo

  8. I truly envy you being able to zip off to the Kane County Flea Market all the time! I know it well ... we used to live a mere 4 blocks from it and often just walked over to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon.

  9. I love the Kane County Flea Market...I wish I lived a hop, skip, and jump away to go!!! Have fun and I hope you find everything you are looking for!

  10. What pretty, pretty things, Mary! My desk is a big ol' parsons table I purchased for $10 (delivered) from an Episcopal church rummage sale. It had been the ladies meeting room table and when two churches consolidated....I got a new "desk."

    Happy Hunting!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. Shoot, I forgot it was this weekend! I am so there next month!

  12. That truck looks just like mine when it's all loaded up! Show us the goods when you get back! I'm highly jealous!

  13. Have soooo much fun!! Junking season is starting, this is so exciting!

  14. I'm jealous now...there's only a couple flea markets here...the whole year...and they don't start till May...ugghh!

  15. Hope you are {or had!} a great time. Lots of perfect finds. You and me, we have the same sweet helpful husband. Buy him a cup of coffee and he carries and waits. patiently. gotta love that. Lidy

  16. That looks like so much fun! I wish I had something like that close to me. Jealous. And nice weather to boot.....sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend!

  17. So glad to see you! We will have to go out for drinks sometime Saturday night and visit...

  18. Hi Mary, just found your wonderful blog. Really love it. Those little S & P shakers in the second photo, I have one on a long silver chain as a necklace. I don't remember where I got it but those little things make great jewelry! : ) kelley