Tuesday, April 27, 2010

come see me this weekend!

I love this time of year.


Green grass.



That's right, girls! This weekend marks my official start to Flea Market Season! I will be at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL this Saturday and Sunday!

Just look for me in the sea of white painted furniture. I will be the tall thing with dark hair sticking up over a pile of dresser...vanity tables...desks...coffee tables...cabinets...mirrors...chalkboards...you get the idea.

My booth location is the same it has been for the last few years, so most of you will know where to find me. On the main drag, right across from the Office/Bathroom area. I am in the Arena Building, right on the isle.

I will be trying to get photos of everything as I drag it out of storage to load the truck - so look for a preview on Friday. Oh, and a little announcement from me is coming on Friday, too! So do check back!

Hope to see you this weekend at the flea!


  1. I wish I was coming! Maybe in June I'll make it up :) Best of luck & sell it all!!

  2. I'm with Annie,the only thing I wouldn't be able to come in June either,,sigh.....

  3. Map quest just informed me that this lovely bunch of furniture is almost eight hours away

    :( poo.

  4. Oh how I wish I could make the trip up this weekend to the flea market and to see you!!! Can't wait to see your sneak peak!! I am sure it will be wonderful!

  5. This would be amazing to go to!! I wish I lived closer. :( I am loving that table and then realized it is just like the one I just finished in my own kitchen...white, distressed and all! lol I can't wait to see what you will find!


  6. Oh man I want to come so bad!! so sad! :{ I bet you guys will have so much fun though!

    love that cute dresser!


  7. ooh love that dresser. Wish I was closer

  8. I hope to make it...if not this time, then next month!


  9. Love the table, but I'm afraid I haven't got the air fare! I'm sure you'll have a successfull weekend though :o)
    Rose H (UK)

  10. ohh dear why do I live so far away, why o why!! Good luck sweets, can't wait to see all that gorgeous furniture and I know you have worked so hard on it all year!!! xoxoxo

  11. I love that dresser and the table, can't wait to see the rest of the items you are selling :)

  12. Have a great show. Wish I was close enough to come and see it and pay your booth a visit. Wishing you a sucessful weekend.


  13. Prettty! Ohh...I wish!!! I'll probably be in the Midwest in a few weeks....but not Il. Hmmm...

    Have fun!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. YAY Mary! Your stuff is beautiful! An artist for sure! Gorgeous work! I love that pink dresser and how you only put the stripes on the front of it. Perfect! Great photos of them outside. Can't wait to hear your announcement! ~lulu

  15. Well if this were a weekend I was going to be in IL, I would have gone. We are going to IL the following weekend and I'm going to the Edith Ethel sale. I hope you sell a bunch!!!


  16. So exciting! Wish I could be there. Good luck - I know you'll do well.

  17. Wish I could be there! I've actuallyl been to St Charles during the fall festival when we were out visiting my in-laws, such a gorgeous place. Have fun!

  18. So pretty! I actually love the peep of green in the back of the first photo. So soft and sweet.

    Good luck with your sales!
    :) Laura

  19. Good Luck! Everything looks great! Hugs, Diane

  20. Seriously own that same dining table that i painted and distressed...you can drop the flowers by to complete the look! I'll see you Sunday- Saturday I am fulfilling my role as Mom of the prettiest girl at the Prom :)

  21. Do you ever come to Michigan? I would be there for sure!!! Your dining table has me swooning!:-)

  22. have fun Mary, wish I could visit!

  23. Might be too far to join in. Love your photos.
    Bye from Sweden,

  24. Sigh....so wish I could go....your furniture looks amazing!

  25. I wish I was closer too! I can't wait to see the rest of your pretty furniture in pictures.

  26. Oh how I wish I could make the trip. I havn't been to the Kane County flea in a long time. But, the drive is just not in my future right now. Hope you have good weather and great sales!

  27. Hi Mary, this is my first visit to your blog and how wonderful to meet new bloggers and beautiful blogs as you have!
    I wish I could be there...Good luck!
    I'm your new follower!
    Hugs, Li

  28. It all looks lovely. I hope all goes well. I wish I was closer so I could come!

  29. Do you ever make it to the Grayslake, Lake County Market?

  30. Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog courtesy of a new follower on mine, and I must say I am so pleased I did! I am a SAHM trying to run a little furniture painting business out of my garage. I started last September and it is going well, I'd love to have more time to put into it but that will come once both my kids are at school, and I don't want to rush that! I love the pink striped chest of drawers - just gorgeous! I'll join here as a follower and also pop over to your new blog...I did that too, change the name of my business and therefore my blog a few months ago, and so glad i did...I am small time still but there is loads of potential when i have the time to give the business, and I feel like I have a real 'brand' now that I can grow...it is so exciting!

    Hope your flea market sale went well.
    xx Karen