Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've got a brand new blog...and a giveaway!!

Yes, it is true...I finally did it!

After a year of plotting, planning, obsessing and second-guessing myself...I have a new blog!

And the best part??....I am having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate!

Now, come on...check it out right now, you know you want to!

Urban Farmgirl

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Friday, April 30, 2010

a tiny preview...

Yesterday definitely what I would call...

"one of those days"

It started out well..I got up early...went to a yard sales for a few hours and found a truckload of fantastic things - but then it started. The downhill slide that makes your wonderful day just totally crash and burn. You know the kind...where you feel slapped in the face at every turn. Ugh.

So let me get to my point. I promised a preview of my goods for my booth at Kane County Flea Market this weekend...and I didn't want to disappoint. But lets just say an unexpected visit to the ER for my sweet man resulted in some stitches...and my photo preview idea to not turn out as planned.

But, I came through - kinda. With a photos of a whopping 7 of the 78 pieces I am bringing to the show
this weekend. I figured it was better than holding out on you completely.

But brace yourself.

You are about to view some of the worst photos in history. Bad lighting. Lots of shadows. And one very dusty floor at my warehouse. To sum it up...I had exactly 10 minutes to snap as many pictures as I could before the goods all had to be loaded into not one...but two...huge U-haul trucks.

Did I ever tell you this 'painting-furniture-for-your-job' thing was glamorous? If I did - I soooo lied.

But I love here we go.

I am totally crazy, flipping out in love with this H-U-G-E ornate frame. I just finished mounting a mirror in it...and it is stunning. Seriously. I have tons of mirrors for this show, all shapes sized and colors, but this one is just over-the-top!

And the desk...that old girl was rescued from the office at an old horse farm. The drawers were full of old ledgers from the 1950s. Those will be available at my booth at Junk Bonanza this September.

Wouldn't you have been just over-the-moon to have a bed like this as a little girl?? It has wide wood rails, too. So pretty...this one is a full size, but I have 4 twin beds and one more full size coming with me, too!

The desk on the left has a drop front- and the inside is full of little cubbys. Looks a little "Pottery Barn" to glad I chose those handles for it.

And the bookcase...well, I never seem to be able to bring enough of those. I seem to sell They must be hard to find...hmmmm.

There are actually 4 of the chairs on the left. Oh, and there is a matching chair with arms that I have priced separately. I have a dining table, too.

The desk is soooo cute! It is curved...and I had a glass top made for it, too! It dates from the 1940s and is solid Mahogany. (don't freak out wood lovers - it was way beyond being able to be refinishd when I found it.) I have 7 or 8 desks going to this show. Not as many as usual, but I just couldn't seem to squeeze another one this month. But like always, I will be taking custom if there is something you are looking for drop me a line.

I wish I could have photographed more for you! I will try to snap some pics at the show Saturday.

I can't wait to meet all your girls that emailed to tell me you will be at the show! Remember, I will be in the Arena Building...right on the main isle. I have 4 booths so you kinda can't miss me and the sea of furniture.

If you are the praying kind...please add a little thought in for me this weekend...there is a chance of rain! Yikes!

Oh, and for my annoncement I mentioed the other day...hopefully later today. Just ironing out a few check back!

Have a great weekend, girls!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

come see me this weekend!

I love this time of year.


Green grass.



That's right, girls! This weekend marks my official start to Flea Market Season! I will be at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL this Saturday and Sunday!

Just look for me in the sea of white painted furniture. I will be the tall thing with dark hair sticking up over a pile of dresser...vanity get the idea.

My booth location is the same it has been for the last few years, so most of you will know where to find me. On the main drag, right across from the Office/Bathroom area. I am in the Arena Building, right on the isle.

I will be trying to get photos of everything as I drag it out of storage to load the truck - so look for a preview on Friday. Oh, and a little announcement from me is coming on Friday, too! So do check back!

Hope to see you this weekend at the flea!

Friday, April 16, 2010

have you ever cried over a refrigerator??

I almost did today. And I am not a crying-kind-of-girl.

Did I ever tell you one of my favorite salvage stores here in my town is in a huge old brick warehouse...and in that warehouse they used to manufacture refrigerators waaay back in the day?? Well, I have a deep love for old industrial warehouses, I always have. The architecture, the huge freight elevators...the creaky wood floors, the 25 foot ceilings. They feel so well used and well loved to me. I love wandering through them.

The city of live in was once the manufacturing capital of the US - and yes, I am serious as silly as that may sound. Before everyone pulled up stakes a few years ago and high-tailed it for cheap labor in foreign countries just about everything you used in your home was made here in my city in little ol' Illinois. Every day when you open your kitchen cabinets, chances are your handles came from here...your washers, your dryers, your Rubbermaid totes, even your fine antique furniture. You name it, we made it here.

So, back to the story about my salvage store. It has a home in one of the formerly-abandoned beautiful old brick warehouses that used to manufacturer refrigerators. Today when I was there, I decided to ask more about the building. What used to be made there? many years it was open?...I just like to know the history of buildings. I have no idea why.

The story I was told was a short one, as the person telling me didn't seem to care one ounce about this building. So let me get straight to the part that made me want to cry.

When the salvage yard took over the warehouse a few years ago, the basement was still full of retro aqua, pink and yellow fridges.

BRAND-SPANKIN' NEW, and original to the 1950s.

The factory closed before they were ever shipped to a store.

There were over 100 of them down there, frozen in time.

So....guess what they did with them............

Did you guess??

They trashed every last one of them.

Trashed. As in garbage. As in perfectly painted, never used and scrapped out for a landfill.

Uh, HELLO stupid salvage people, did you ever think of putting them in your store and making about a million dollars on them??? Yeah, go ahead and sell scrap wood and broken windows for $2...and throw away the goldmine you had in the basement. Good idea!! (Yes, I said that all with sarcasm. Sorry. I am still a little bitter. I only learned this about 4 hours ago so have yet to get over it.)


Sick. Sick and very sad.

Do you ever get the feeling you need to run the world?

Today was one of those days I wished I could rewind the clock and take over.

(photos # 1& #2 - Coastal Living #3 - unknown)