Friday, October 30, 2009

coming soon...I promise!

You girls are just the best! Thank you for taking my business card at the shows...and actually using them!
I cannot thank you enough for all the phone calls and emails...wondering when the heck I am going to get anything listed on Etsy!

Soon...I promise!

I have been working - literally - day and night on all the custom orders I received since the last show.

I hope to have the last one, a gorgeous dining room set, wrapped up and delivered by next weekend.
Who knows, maybe I will even show you pictures when I get it done!
Then I can concentrate on getting photos taken and edited...and finally get some goodies up on Etsy!

Oh, but I do have a twin and a full size bed up on Etsy now, for those of you that were asking.

Here are a couple pics of what will be going up...if you see something you like...
drop me an email...

I know, I know...thats only 3 pictures, but I have a china cabinet calling my name in the other room.
I better get painting!

UPDATE: Wow! I didn't even get them up on Etsy yet, and the 2 dressers sold! Thank you Kari & Jessica! More to come, so keep watching!


  1. I love that you took the photos outside! They look and feel so fresh, just like your furniture~ Gorgeous!

  2. Nice post - in the night garden pictures ..Keep Posting

    in the night garden pictures

  3. Hi Mary - thank you for stopping by our blogs! I am loving your work! Where are you guys showing in IL? We're hoping to have a booth at 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington sometime in 2010. That's our goal anyway after a spring show. It makes me nervous and excited all at once!! I'll keep checking back for more - you have some wonderful pieces!!

  4. Thanks for asking! I show the first weekend of every month, April - October, at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL. Stop by in the spring...I would love to meet you! ~mary~

  5. Those really are gorgeous dressers Mary! Busy is a good thing, right?!

    BTW, we LOVED the taco soup! It was so good and I will definitely be making it thank you!

    :) T