Wednesday, November 4, 2009

farm boy love...

They are just so handsome in those faded jeans and a John Deere hat...

Farmer tans, 6-pack abs from all the hard work...who could resist??

I admit...I am a sucker for boys like that.

I visited my sister in Iowa last weekend, and you see...she lives on a farm.

She has lots of beautiful land.

Oh, how I would love seeing this outside my kitchen window every morning!

And then there are the cows. Lots of cows.

Like this one...everywhere I went they were staring at me.

Cows are so pretty in their own way... it makes me feel bad about eating a burger now and then.

My sister and her husband hire boys that care for the beautiful land and the pretty cows...

All day long they would ride their tractor by the living room window...

But there were a couple boys that didn't get much work done.

I am not sure how much help they are just yet...but they sure look cute trying!

They get too much sunscreen to be able to achieve a "farmer's tan"...

And the muscles part...well...the little one is still in that cute "chubby" stage...

But there is something even cuter than worn jeans and farmer's tan...

Its a boy that loves his tractor...

Especially when he gives his little brother a ride...

It was such a relaxing quiet and peaceful.

We carved pumpkins...baked cupcakes... played games.

No distractions...other than the cute farm was just a good time at home.


  1. as i posted several days ago farmboys and cowboys - that's why i married my honey! those little cowpokes are too cute for words. aren't cows so funny? they do the same thing every day and are so nosey! lol.

  2. Love this post!! I married a John Deere man & wouldn't have it any other way! Well - he was transformed in his teens into one by my farmer Dad! My 2 year old son, Everett (named after my farmer Gpa) is already a tractor man - and born to be farmer! My poor Dad was cursed with 3 girls & he finally has a grandson to carry on the farm! He's so excited! I have a feeling in 2 years my son will be farming with Pa every chance he gets!

    Don't cows have the most amazing eyelashes! I agree - they can really be beautiful, but I still love my beef!!

  3. too cute! happy boys live on farms.........

  4. Now that's my kind of fun! Sounds wonderful.

  5. how sweet! gotta love those little boys and their tractor! glad you had such fun! thanks for visiting :)

  6. Farm boys are God's gift to the female population, and proof that he wants us to be happy. They aren't afraid to work hard. Genuine, honest, and down-to-Earth. They’ll look you straight in the eyes when they talk to you; makes you feel all melty inside.
    -Sources: 4-H