Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my friend Anne...

I am lucky a lucky girl. I have wonderful friends in my life.

One of those friends is Anne. I met her last year when she came to a show I was selling at. You see, Anne loooooves painted furniture. She is changing over everthing in her home...she wants a softer look. Out with the with the paint! She quickly became one of my best customers, but I had no idea she would become a friend. We ended up seeing each other so often during our "furniture exchange rendevous" that we did just that.

Anne is so easy going. And real. A genuine, honest person. Those are hard to come by. She doesn't pretend on any level. She is up front, and you can feel the "take me as I am" feeling in the air when you talk to her. She doesn't pretend to be anything more than herself. I love that about her. She is not pretentious. She is not interested in the label that is in my shirt or what kind of car I drive. She is simple. She is real. And I need more people in my life like her.

I am so very sad because my friend has recently learned she has Breast Cancer.

She was shocked. And so was I. I have never had someone close to me have cancer. She had no family history, had her exams could this happen?? Her doctor told her only 8% of Breast Cancer comes from family history...I had no idea! The rest of the statistic is what he called "environmental". The foods we eat, the air we breath. I was stunned!

I don't mean this to be a sad post, really. I am not into dwelling on the sad moments, and neither is Anne. She is treating this as a minor speedbump in her life. Like it will be over soon, and we will move on. The day before she was to have surgery she insisted on bringing me a load of furniture to paint for her. I couldn't believe it. One would think you would have so many other things on your mind, but Anne has plans. Cancer is NOT going to get in her way of a beautiful dining room!

I was thinking of her all day yesterday while I painted her chairs. It got me thinking about the time we have and how we need to do the very best with it.

So that brings me to the reason for this long, some-what sad post. I want to send my friend a care-package. Just something to let her know I am thinking of her. But I am at a loss. I don't know what do send. That is where you girls come in. I want ideas. I want to send fun things. Things to lift her spirits and make her laugh. Things that will comfort her after Chemo.

Please...take a second to leave me a note. Let me know what you would send a dear friend going through a rough time. I want to make her smile.

(lovely photos from Kristybee...)


  1. I am so sorry to hear this & I will send up some prayers in her behalf. She will definitely need a good friend as she goes through this - she will be thrilled that you are doing this for her!

    I think I would want some good gossip magazines, some nice reads, definitely some decorating magazines or books, Nivea chapstick - I'm obsessed with this stuff lately - it's amazing, some nice body cream and comfy socks, maybe a promise coupon for a Girl's day out to do something fun when she's up for it, some beautiful head scarfs, oh and The Perfect Pillow - it's really called that - it's memory foam, super heavy, and I don't go anywhere without mine.

    I hope this gives you some ideas :)

  2. That is a sad thing to learn....I've been there! My dear friend was surprisingly diagnosed w/cancer also. No family history!
    The day I found out...I started gathering items for her. I put a bunch of single serving soups in a basket and a bright colored blanket. Magazines, books, thank you notes and a flower pen and stamps(so she can send thank yous for those who send her things) etc. I didn't know what to expect either. But, it turned out to be a perfect little gift. After chemo, they don't really eat, so single serve was good and they are cold and tired most of the time. Everyone is different though. Think and send her things often. Some tend to forget that chemo goes on. We kept everything uplifting as well, because it is just a speed bump! Prayers to you and Anne!

  3. Send her something - anything! - Cath Kidston or even Cath Kidston-esque. Nothing could be happier than that. Also, put in a pair of really funky, thick knee socks (TJ Maxx has the best ones), a great magazine that she probably wouldn't buy for herself and jar of Chi Chi's salsa. :)

    Praying for your lovely friend...

  4. Mary I am so sorry...this post hits home. I will be thinking of her this weekend along with a few other women whom I didn't mention in my post...anyway, this is hard, because Chemo is hard...the best gift my mom was given was friendship...magazines don't mean much, the trivial things we all think that will make someone feel better just don't cut it when you just underwent chemo. I think the best you can do, is if you get the time, go sit with her daily to chat, not about cancer but about life, her plans, what she wants to do in future....friendship means more then could buy!...that is my two might not be a good idea! :)

  5. So, I am reading along and loving the pictures and then FUCK slips out of my mouth. I just hate cancer. Have too many family members and friends who have fought the fight...lately there has been more success...thank GOD. You know what- it's the little things- taking her kids somewhere ( if she has any), dropping by flowers and a magazine, a new relaxing CD, just sitting int he chair and being there....

    Thankful for good friends like you at Thanksgiving time...REAL people.