Friday, February 19, 2010

easily distracted...

Yesterday I set out with intentions of finding a dresser for a client.

I swear.

In my mind I kept telling myself "you are not shopping for yourself. Don't look for anything other than the dresser."

The word "focus" was repeated in my head over and over.

But it didn't work.
Never does.

The bling always catches my eye. I can spot a chandelier from 40 yards.

And in one store today...I saw four of them! They looked so sad hanging there waiting to be taken home. The shop owner all but begged me to buy one.

I could feel my mind start to wander. Within 30 seconds I had plans in my head. Which room, what color walls...the whole 9 yards, as they say. Why, oh why do these shop owners play with my mind this way??

This one was my favorite...but it needs a few modifications...I would remove the hurricanes and shine her up a bit...but she is oh-so-pretty in person! And she is an 8-arm chandi, too! Those are a tough find!

This little beauty was petite and had cute little details...see the little flower crystals towards the top? Super sweet for a little girls room. 

Some were a little heavy on the "ornateness" for a simple girl like me...

And my husband said this one reminded him of Vegas. He has a pretty good eye after tagging along with me all these years. I guess he has a point. It was about 3 1/2 feet tall and had tiers of crystals...pretty...just not "us".

At this point, my neck had been cranked "up" for so long staring at what was hanging off the ceiling, I completly forgot about looking for my client's dresser. I needed to put these dang chandis out of my mind and get down to business.

But then it happened.

I locked eyes with the most amazing piece of furniture. Time stood still for a moment, and all I heard my husband mutter under his breath was "Oh man, I know that look." He knows just to stay out of my way and back the truck up to the door, because something is about to come home with us.

Brace yourself...this is the worlds ugliest photo. It was taken in a junk shop, lets remember girls.

It is a H-U-G-E vintage apothacary cabinet from an old store! You have no idea how much I love this thing.

Seriously l.o.v.e.

As in "if I could marry it - I would" kind of love.

A majestic beauty...8 feet wide x 8 feet tall.

But the price is killing me. $850. Yikes.

I am the queen of the antique furniture deal. I don't think a single piece in my whole house cost over $100.

I know that is a crazy good deal for what it is...but ouch!

It needs a little "Mary Makeover"...and no one pass out when I say this...if I buy it - it will be painted white. I couldn't have it any other way. I am going to dream about this cabinet tonight. I just know it. In my mind it is already full of all my white ironstone and old metal pieces.  

Oh, and I never gave a second thought to the dresser I was looking for.

What do you think?? Should I do it?


  1. Oh that's a tough one b/c I too am the queen of bargains. However, if you absolutely love it and it's going to make a huge statement in your room then go for it. Sometimes the big pieces are worth that much. I know my big TV hutch was like $1300, but my Mom bought it years and years and years ago - then gifted it to me - it was worth every penny though :)

    PS - I love the chandys and I want the one for Aubrie's room - badly!

  2. I love it! I would consider this an "investment piece" worth the price tag.

  3. Annie...that little chandi (pic #2) was a steal for a vintage chandelier, or at least I thought so! $165...but I know they would come down! ~mary~

  4. love that cabinet - I say go for it - you will keep it forever!!!
    If I ever find an old big printers cabinet - i am investing in it = I love them -

  5. If you pass it up and it becomes one of those things your mind keeps going back to, you will always wish you had. I personally think it is stunning and the price is not too outrageous. You have such lovely things to showcase in it. Plus, you have saved so much on all your other bits..... Good thing I don't live in your town as this would look wonderful in my dining room...
    I say, tell your husband to back up the truck.

  6. That is simply amazing. And, it is a good price for what it is. Wouldn't it look amazing instead of traditional cabinets. I hope it comes home with you!


  7. Chania, that is exactly what I was thinking! I am going to forever miss this thing if I don't get it. I paint furniture for a am out shopping for it every single day...and I have NEVER seen a piece like this for sale. And I am sure my husband would rather buy it, than hear about it for the next 40 years if I miss it! hahahahaha ~mary~

  8. I would go for it, so much potential. Enjoyed your post~

  9. Mary.....that is a fantastic piece! I just bought a cabinet - already painted white for a mere $175 and I'm giddy with joy.....she totally came down - don't you just love furniture?
    I do, and I certainly don't have enough room for it all!!
    (thus the barn)

  10. Aboslutely you need to go for it, are you kidding me 850 is a steal...well in my world it is!! please tell me you went and bought it today..and your hubby backed the truck up? :)

  11. It's so beautiful!!! If you don't buy it, it's going to haunt you.....Kathy

  12. You back yet from the junk'ya mean...go...go now...and I don't want to see another post until you post that you brought her could you leave that pretty girl there amongst all the junk :o)

  13. I say go for it from someone who missed out once...but that's just me...I know you will make it look will be soooo beautiful!!!

  14. Mmmm...that's so pretty! Did you ask em' if they could do any "better" on the price? Even where I live...out in the toolies....a piece like that would not be for sale...or they'd ask at least $1,300 or $1,400!

    Drive carefully!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  15. I say buy it. I am as thrifty as they come, and fell in love with antique farmhouse table with a price of $950 FIRM. I ended up buying it- and love it. I could have found a cheaper table somewhere- but never would have loved it the same. Nobody else (especially my husband) really understands- but as long as it makes me happy- right?

    Get it.

  16. Get out of my house and quit taking pictures of my chandeliers - I SERIOUSLY have the first 2 hanging now...And go buy that cabinet...because we are having built ins put in and I WISH it was $850. The space you will get- offer them $700.

    We will sell nothing at Junk Bonanza, I can see it now, we will just swap stuff!

  17. I would offer $600.. if they take that then yes, but 850 seems steep. It seems 1940's old, not 1910 old,.. you know...

  18. Hey Jen, I agree on the age. I was thinking 1940ish. They have added new beadboard backing, but the old is still underneath and the shelves they have in it are awful...and I don't think you can see it but there are lights down both sides and across the top. Bad lights. The kind you use to grow plants indoors. Yikes. I was thinking about $600, too so wish me luck! ~mary~

  19. Hi and HECK yes buy it. I love the side panels of glass! ask about lay-a-way. I do all of the above in my store. Love it!

  20. Hey Mary!
    How are you girl???
    I really like the base! But Not so sure about the floating glass shelves with brackets. I have seen older ones with wood around the glass shelves that comes out spectacular if you paint it. I can't tell if the backing is beadboard, but if it isn't you could change that I'm sure. I just have hesitations with the shelves! and thought I would pass that by your way.
    Love the bin pulls!

  21. Cherie!
    How the heck have you been! So happy to see you found my little slice of blogland! Yes, I would totally bring this baby back to where it needs to me. Someone added new beadboard, really bad brackets and shelves, too. Don't you worry...I know just how to fix her up! ;o) ~mary~

  22. Anita...we are in trouble. I have a feeling I am going to have a bill with you bigger than what I bring in at Junk Bonanza! But hey, its all part of the fun, right? ~mary~

  23. OMG Mary that cabinet is DIVINE!! I would be falling over myself to get it. Personally I dont think that price is too bad, they would go for well over 2,000 AUD here in Australia. But I know what you mean when you are always used to the "bargain" to be honest I actually think it is!!

  24. i agree...850 is to much.
    maybe you should come flea with me..we'll find one for 400.

  25. If you love it, you should buy it. Maybe you could negotiate the price down :-)

    Leeann x

  26. Oh. Wow. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Buy it and paint it and don't look back. It is absolutely incredible and I don't think you'll regret it! I'm such an enabler...

  27. The chandeliers are beautiful . This piece of furniture is absolutely gorgeous. I think you may consider it, it is a worth it piece. I don't think the price is that expensive for this kind of piece

  28. Can I tell you that a piece like this in our neck of the woods would be around $2,000 and up (no kidding - and people pay it!!). So where I'm sitting, it's a bargain! Saw a picture where a woman had a similar piece and she stored her antique quilts in it. The possibilities are endless with a piece like this - and that's precisely why you MUST have it:

  29. Hi Mary,

    YES you MUST have that cabinet!!! If you can swing the price it is a deal you just can't pass up!

    Best wishes,

  30. How on earth did I miss this post? First - I adore the little flower crystals. So sweet and unusual! Second - you have to paint that puppy white. You really have no choice. Third - Yes, it is pricey. But! I'll bet they would come down a little on the price, AND...that thing would be two grand at PB. At least!

  31. OK I came back today to see what you decided...are you buying it? If you are still dreaming about it - I think you should!! And oh my the price on that chandy is great! Aubrie would have a heart attack if that was in her bedroom - she's 4 and is such a mini-me and mini-my mom! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one, but we never find that good junk down here - just literal junky furniture :) However we have a Jon's bargain basement that you'd be digging - I feel like I steal from him weekly!!

  32. When I'm on the fence about a splurge of some kind I always like to sleep on matter how hard it is to initially walk away from a gorgeous piece like that! Then, if I wake up the next morning and I am still dead set on having it...I get it. It really is a beautiful (and unique) piece, and I think if you have the perfect place for it and the perfect ideas about what kind of treasures to display in it you should get it. Life is too short!