Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a room with a view...

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about a historic house that I fell in love with while visiting my mom in her recovery center. She is starting to joke that I am coming to visit her just so I can see these houses! The one I am showing you today is right across the street from the one in my first post...and it has made me an all out-stalker.


I have pinned down that the owners appear to be in their 60s. She has gorgeous silver hair in the cutest little bob haircut...and always wears a short mink coat. He also has a full head of thick silver hair, they drive away together in a beautiful black Mercedes SUV.

See. Told you I was a stalker.

Actually, I have just been spending waaaay to much time staring out that window. You can't help but notice these things, right? Over the last month I have seen these people so much, and have imagined for hours on end what their house must look like inside...that I almost have the nerve to ring the bell and ask if I can see inside!

But I think that would be crossing the lines into all-out-stalker...as in call the police, honey - there is a crazy lady at the door with a camera!

Here are a few photos...tell me you wouldn't go a just a tiny bit insane of this beauty!? Oh, and sorry they are a little crooked...and not the best photos...click on them to get a much better view. I had to dart in and out of the intersection between school buses and kids in the crosswalk. This baby is a block from a school.

View from the street. And yes, the house is an octagon shape...and solid brick! That was some serious money back in the day.

Isn't she gorgeous!??

I want sooo bad to get into that room at the top! Do you see it?? Now that is the place for a sunroom! Actually, I would put my office up there. This house sits on top of a hill in the neighborhood, so the view would be fantastic! I would get to see all the beautiful homes in the neighborhood with a birds-eye-view!

This is the door next to their garage. I am in love with that screen door.

From the front you would never guess this house is so HUGE! Looks like it may have had a couple of additions, but in person it is very authentic. All the brick matches, and it looks old and full of character.

Who knows...maybe I will get up the nerve to knock this week. They may be flattered I asked, right? I hear they are on a historic house tour during Christmas time, so they should be used to strangers snooping around their house. I just want a personal tour, is that too much to ask??


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog-I have enjoyed reading every page of it. :)
    There have been a couple of houses that I desperately wanted to see the inside of so - I would go for a walk when I saw the owners outside, start a conversation with them and tell them that I love their home. Then I play it off like I'm joking and tell them that I would love to see the inside - every single time, they are flattered and have invited me in! What do you have to lose - now I even have a new friend in my neighborhood because of it. Go for it ~

  2. Oh, how covetously great!! I don't blame you for gazing. If I had the nerve, I'd ask to see inside. Since we're using your nerve, let's go for it!
    I do the same kinds of things--watching people's lives and trying to decide what they are like and their houses are like. I think it's healthy, don't you?? Say you do, please. ;o)
    That house is just juicy, wonderful, delicious.

  3. such a cute post! If I saw that house often, I would DEFINITELY be a stalker - and make up lavish "Great Gatsby" stories to go with it ... sigh ... SO BEAUTIFUL! thanks for sharing!

  4. I can see why you are stalking...just gorgeous:) I'd have my art studio up in that room!

  5. Love that house! I purposely take my son trick or treating in a historic neighborhood so I can at least take a peak when they open the door. It doesn't hurt that he is super friendly and just walks right into there home either. He and I are a good team... he's 18 months now, how long do you think we can keep this up before we get the police called on us?


  6. Oh my it's another absolutely stunning home! I may have to go introduce myself to your mama just to see these houses in the flesh!

  7. You are too funny. Thanks for staking that house out- lovely to see how wonderfully they used to build houses. Great blog.


  8. I thought i was the only crazy one out there doing things like this. Thanks for making me feel like were not alone..lol..I would go knock and tell here WE bloggys want to see the house. Blame us..then take some gorgeous pics..I wonder how in love they are..they sound really classy..~lulu

  9. Hoping your Momma comes home soon, before you get arrested for stalking :)

  10. I triple dog dare ya! I'd love to see inside that house!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. Mary, I LOVE that house! Can you imagine all that you could do in a house with that much potential?!? The little town I live in has a tour of homes a couple times a year and I love when they feature the older historic ones. Thanks for visiting my meager little blog and complimenting my floor! ~Angela~

  12. Hi Mary!

    too funny! I would want to knock on the door as well! Definitely do the house walk, but until then, we want more stalker pics!

    Have a great week!


  13. Your so funny...I love peeking in windows too(from afar of course) and getting a glimpse into a beautiful old home.

  14. Beautiful home. I am sure they are just waiting for you to knock ... hahaha.

    I love looking at other people's house ... taking a walk at dusk just when the lights are coming on in the living rooms ..... well that sounds creepy doesn't it .... but a living room lit up is so inviting ....

  15. This is one of the country's premiere octagon houses. Ive long admired it. And it's been kept up so beautifully.

    I visited it years back when i first got interested in octagon houses.
    I published a book this year documenting all known octagon houses in the US and Canada. Including those in Minnesota.Nearly 1000.