Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heart Meadowbrook Farm...

I am in love with Meadowbrook Farm.


I want to move there.

Or at least swing by the next time I am anywere within a 5 hour radius. Do you think Mr & Mrs. Meadowbrook would mind if they came home one day and I was sitting in that white rocking chair? Surely they have a guest room...I would promise to keep it tidy and even cook dinner and do the dishes while I am there.

Teresa, the lovely lady that gets the pleasure of calling Meadowbrook Farm "home" has to be one of the luckiest ladies on the planet.

Not only does she get to live in one of the cutest houes I have ever seen...

She gets to enjoy a view like this...

And have a unbelievably gorgeous greenhouse built just for her.

* insert jealousy here*

The inside of her house is just pure happiness.

Ooohhh...and it has beadboard favorite!

Look at those gardens outside the window - incredible!

The little vignettes around her home scream to be int he pages of a magazine. Anyone out there an editor? If so, I have to tell you something. "Call Teresa. Now. I'm telling you, she is going to get offers, yours may as well be the first."

Girls, I don't know about you...but I have a hard time growing a pot of petunias. Maybe when I pop in for that visit they can give me some pointers on how to grow a garden like this!

*Once again, insert jealousy here*


I saved my favorite part for last...the barn. I love barns. I grew up with one very similar to this, but it was white. There is something about the red...just so beautiful in every season!

You have to read the story of their "new" barn. It just knocks my socks off.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading Teresa's blog, click over and do it now! Read

Not only is her home and land absolutely incredible eye candy, but she enjoys the love and happiness of a beautiful family and a simple life. I love that she went from suburban mom to living an out-in-the-middle-of nowhere life. She has a wonderful story...and her photography is out of this world!

Thank you, Teresa...for letting me share your beautiful corner of the world.

Happy Thursday, girls.

Hope this brought a little sunshine to your day.


  1. OK - this is seriously one of my favorite houses ever! I'm DYING over the gardens & the view - oh my goodness! Then the inside is just as wonderful as the outside! Her color choices make it feel so spring & summerish all year round. Geez - it's to die for. So now I'm going to her blog & emailing my Mom & 2 sisters b/c they have to see this to believe it!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow, what a nice post on a dreary cloudy day. Such freshness and brightness. Lovely

  3. Oh...I love it too! We may have to fight over it;)!


  4. It definitely brought sunshine, and LOADS of inspiration! Don't you just love the idea of having a place like that? I am blessed to have a wonderful home with a beautiful property, but blogs like hers really give me inspiration for the gardens - which I need this time of year!
    Thanks for this wonderful post mon amie,

  5. Can I move? I am so jealous!! How beautiful. Makes me daydream of Spring even more too:) Take care, jojo

  6. Thank you for sharing. That is one of the prettiest houses I have ever seen! And her garden is so inspiring! I will be heading over to visit.

  7. You and my both, sister, you and me both! She is a gardener extraordinaire...and she's sweet as a Sun Sugar tomato. :)

  8. Mary,
    I have the Happy 101 Award for you, I always love reading your blog.

  9. Ohhhh I see why you are so in Would love to visit one day..ahhh!

  10. Mary,
    Wow thanks so much for sharing! What an amazing home!!! I WANT IT!!!! It's a dream, truly!


  11. Me again,
    I wanted to tell you that zinnias (the flowers in the pic above the barn pics) are the BEST to grow! Try it this year! They get nice & tall and spread out and best of all, really don't need deadheaded....they are just the best. I had them in my garden a couple years ago & your pic reminded me I need to plant those this year!


  12. Hi Shallagh!
    I am going to have zinnias this year - for sure! I am lucky enough to live right next door to a fabulous big sis...and she starts tons of zinnias from seed each year to give away to friends and family. I'm first in line...they are so easy to grow and are gorgeous! They last forever here in IL, too...always a plus! I am sooooo excited! ;o) ~mary~

  13. Her home is gorgeous...I love how she pulled all of that color off so is cozy and comfortable all rolled into gorgeous! that kitchen is dreamy...and well the gardens...just make me jealous, let me know when you are headed over, I will meet you on the porch!

  14. Oh Good luck Mary! Have fun..hope you find those chanddies~

  15. Hi Mary!
    Thanks for the shout out! You sure have nice's been fun to meet them. I totally agree with you on zinnias. They're my very, very favorite flower. I grow scads each year and nothing does better in the garden. And that white rocker has your name on it!
    Have a great day,

  16. this place is a total dream!

  17. Ooooh!!! It's all just so lovely and pretty and tidy and sweeet!!! Ya'll wanna come over and help me get my place looking like that???

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. I'm so jealous!!! I love all the colors!!!

  19. Oh my goodness...absolutely gorgeous...she used color so beautifully and those ceilings oh my goodness...the view...the gardening just editor needs to call her so soon...thank you for sharing such beautiful inspiration!

  20. wow thanks for sharing, i am going to pop over for a visit now!

  21. gorgeous...going over to visit right now :)

  22. Those photos are gorgeous! Love all the colors and bright happy things. I may have to start redecorating...

  23. OMG! I love this house!! I could move right in