Thursday, December 10, 2009

etsy love...

I need to find a therapy group. One that deals with OED...Obsessive Etsy Disorder. I can't get enough.

My mailman and I are on a first name basis. I leave cookies for him in my mailbox. He is on my Christmas card list. All because he is at my door all too often bringing me cute little Priority Mail boxes. This can't be normal.

Here is the source of today's love affair...thought I would spread that love.

I am a simple girl. You won't catch me wearing a lot of accessories...but I would looooooove to find one of these in my stocking this year.

Check this one out...I have the calendar already marked for when I am buying one of these babies. I'll be off on a girl's trip to the Virgin Islands this year...I know my sweetie will be missing me, so I'll have one of these sent to the mailbox. He will love it. What a cool idea! Why am I not smart enough to think of these things?

It is gray. It is a tote. 2 of my favorite things on this planet. Enough said.
I want one.

I should not be showing these to you...because I want to buy them for myself. And once you see them,  you are all going to want them, too. They are just so darn cute! And in my book,  you can never had enough vintage white pitchers. I have to say that...because I have collected about 96 of them. See. I do need therapy.

Just doing my part to support small business. A very big part. Hope you are doing the same this season!


  1. I too am OED! I could spend hours browsing the wonderful handmade crafts!! I just ordered a custom necklace yesterday for my personal stocking! Thankfully - the hubs is used to me pulling out things he didn't put in it! I also love the pitchers! Great finds Mary!

  2. Oh - I blogged a bit about you today - because your craft room sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

  3. My name is Andrea...and I have OED...could we be related....I love all those things too!

  4. Oh girl, i have this disorder as well, love your finds and those white pitchers are fabulous! Happy weekend to you sweetie! xo