Sunday, December 20, 2009

paper...plastic...or canvas??

I don't know about you...but I've been shopping my socks off this week!

I unpacked everything today...getting ready to bust open a bottle of wine with the hubby tonight and crank up the Dean Martin Christmas album for a good old fashioned wrapping party.

As I was unpacking I was shocked to see just how many bags were piled all over my bed. Can one woman really kill the planet with plastic store bags?? If she can, I am the responsible party.
* Insert guilt here *

So this made me think...should I do the "green" thing and carry my own bags to the store? I have tried this in the past...I bought a few super cute grocery totes thinking I would carry them with me into every store...ha! I think I have forgotten them in the back seat of my car 99 out of 100 times. Seriously, I don't even remember I own one until the girl at the checkout whips out yet another plastic bag for me to bring home. Geesh! (I have a serious lack of short and long term memory...but that is another story...we could be here a while)

So I have to you girls bring your own bags when you shop?

I just gotta know if I am the only one destroying the planet with these things.


  1. I'm the same as you - I always forget them in the car! The only place I remember is Aldis. However - I have a good use for plastic bags right now - stinky diapers! I'm hoping that use goes away very soon though!

  2. I use them for groceries mainly. And I do make myself walk back out to the car to get them.

  3. my middle name is plastic bag.

  4. I'm with you Annie....dirty diapers! I used to feel guilty about having so many and now I get extras!

  5. You know I'm a green girl...yep I bring my own bags! I keep them in the front seat next to me so I don't's just a matter of habit really...

    I hope you have a joyous and merry Christmas Mary!!!

    :) T

  6. YEP...own them...but forget them 99 out of the 100 times...and remember them yes she is grabbing those plastic bags...yes...I need to get so much better:)

  7. I leave them in the car a lot too...but I reuse them at the flea market for my customers...and for dog poop when I walk the dog. Judy used to make bags and we s9old them at the flea market. I am gonna make some up for our booth with all the fabric scraps I have. Maybe cool bags will inspire me...and I think I will take Tracey's tip and move them to the front seat!