Monday, December 14, 2009

I've never been happier...

I've never been happier than I am right now...that I am a coupon clipper.

That's right girls...I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

Right now you may be asking yourself why this makes me so happy...

So let me tell you...

It involves my friend know...Iowa Junk Gypsies...yes, that Anita. We both sell at the same show in the summer months, and I just love her and her 'junking partner' Judy. Afterall, they are Iowa girls, and anyone that knows an Iowa girl knows they are good people.

I was over the moon to hear Anita is hosting a trip to take a group of girls April...

But a second later...when I realized I would actually have to pay for this trip...I was sad.

I was telling my husband about it...about how much I would like to see Paris again...and the fact that I would be traveling with Anita...and this is what he says..."so, go." Simple as that. No questions hesitation. God I love this man. Never in my life has he thought one of my crazy ideas was a bad one. He should have a time or two, trust me on that one.

Then it dawned on me. I have been clipping coupons like a crazy woman this year! I gave myself the challenge in December of 2008 to see how much money I could save in 2009 with using coupons. I was just curious. I just had a couple of rules...I never bought anything just because I had a coupon - it had to be something we actually used and would have bought anyway...and I had to keep a log of how much I saved as I went.

So I did store...Target...even my plumber had a coupon in the phone book! If you put fourth a little effort, there is a coupon out there for everything, I swear.

So here is it...the grand this minute...what I have saved this year...


Seriously. I come!


  1. Holy cow that's a lot of cash in a year! Who knew!! Perhaps I need to get into the coupon biz! I'm jealous by the way - I read on their blog about that trip - so wish I could go even though I don't know any of you! Boo :( Have a great time - it sounds amazing - Paris flea markets - swoon! High five to the hubs as well! Men like that are the best!

  2. Girl you rock, seriously, that is a boat load of money!! good for you!!!

  3. seems like everyone is jumping on the next plane to France! what a blessing for you!!

    can't wait to hear all about it...........
    but hopefully you'll be here for the spring show....

  4. Wonderful! I'm a coupon clipper too... you've inspired me to see how much money I actually save... Have a wonderful time in Paris! I know you will... Iowa girls are the best! :)


  5. Holy cannoli! I guess I should say Holy crepe! Yeah, that's better. ;)

    Good for you. I'm WAY impressed!

  6. I am gonna be saving until we leave- and also working out like a mad woman....a svelter me wants a new coat in France...and the shoes, yep, the shoes....

  7. Hi Mary!

    Thank you for your sweet comment today on my blog! What a great hubby you have! Have a fabulous trip! Oh, love your blog, too!


  8. just so you know...
    i am a coupon clipper as well...
    i took a class and it was amazing be able to walk out of the grocery store with only spending $35 on my family of 5 for the week.
    Happy dreaming of france!!!!

  9. OMG that's a lot of $$$$$!!!! Good for you!

    Paris here you come...yipeeeeeeee!!!

    :) T

  10. Wow, that's awesome! Both things. I would love love love to go to Paris. Maybe I need to start using more coupons to save up :)

  11. WOW that is AMAZING!! You deserve the trip after all that hard wish I could join in....sounds like tons of FUN!!!!