Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I come from a rather large family...I am the youngest of 8 kids.

No step-siblings, we all have the same parents. I get asked that all the time, so just wanted to clarify. Just one big happy, Midwestern farm family. Question #2 is usually..."Are you Catholic?" Apparently Catholic families are known for being large. Really?? I thought all sorts of religons could have large families. Ugh! But seriously, who the heck asks these sort of questions? I would never. But they are part of my most vivid memories as a child.

(photo courtsey of Style Me Pretty)

My parents have always dimplomatic and fair...even when it came to having children. There are 4 girls and 4 boys in our family. I am way down on the list - number 8 to be exact. I was born 9 years after number 7. I have heard every comment that goes along with that. I should have kept count, but I swear I have been called an "oops" by people that barely know me at least 11,496 times in my life. Ugh! I find no wit or humor in that statement. I am hoping I will someday stop being referred to as "the baby"...maybe when I turn 80 I can finally shake that title.

So this long-winded introduction brings me to the topic of my day...


 I love my sisters, and my life would be so different without them. 3 of us are very close, even though we are far apart in age. One of them lives actually lives right next door to me. Yes - next door. As in our-front-doors-are-100 feet apart. They house next to her went up for sale and my sweet hubby and I snapped it up before it even went on the market. I have entered a new phase in the strage comment section of my life. Now I hear "I could never live next to my sister"...or even better..."we would kill each other if we lived that close". What do I say to that?? Ususally it is just..."that is too bad...we love it!"

Fast forward to this morning. We were hit with 12" of snow last night. I get a call this morning. "Come on over, I'm making pancakes!"...I was there in 2.2 seconds. In my PJs...with bed-head. We yak it up for a while and eat way too much bacon.

Today we may have 5 phone calls back and fourth, but never longer than a couple seconds. I am sure when I go to make dinner tonight I will have forgotten to buy some ingredient. I always do. She always has what I need, so much so she is now referred to as "the store next door"...I love it. Oh, and it helps just a little she has workout equipment, a tanning bed and a hot tub, too!

There are lots of impromptu shopping excursions...and she is always the first one I call when I drive past some really good piece of furniture sitting by the curb that I just have to make mine. The 2 of us jump in the truck and drag the darn thing home without thinking twice. She gets me. If I asked anyone else to garbage pick with me in the dead of night they would have me committed.

Now if only my other sister could buy the house on the other side of me.

So I want to hear from you! Do you have sisters? Do you get along...and best of all...could you live next door to each other?

Wishing you all a fabulous-sister-lives-next-door kind of day.


  1. I love your post today! I am completely on your page with everything you said! It is so rude that people ask if you are Catholic or an Oops baby - who seriously says that stuff! I find it shocking! Anyway - you know I have 2 sisters. They are truly my very best friends. My littlest sister is 5 years younger than me. I love them dearly & they are just like your sisters - they are my partners in crime b/c we often pick up junk on the side of the road - and we get that about each other! We are all that way!

    I live on 100+ acres of my dad's pastureland. 7.5 to be exact is now ours. In the future, my two sisters will both be building homes on the pastureland by my house. There are 5 fingers into the woods perfect for building & they will take 2 more of those & hopefully my Mom and Dad will finally build their small cottage in the 4th. One day I hope one of my kids' takes that 5th spot. Then we'll have to bulldoze a 6th spot for my other kid - geez we'll have to make lots of spots while the family grows! Anyway - back to my point - sisters are the best, and if my parents hadn't made them for me - my life would never be the same! I am envious that you have brothers though - good thing I have lots of protective close-knit cousins for that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. fyi - sorry I wrote you an entire blog post myself - i'm nuts!

  3. LOVE this post, girl! And we should write a book on the nonsensical and rude things people say. Imagine having an Asian child and an African American child in the middle of Amish country. Yep....

    I have one sister. She's 5 years younger. We love each other dearly, but aren't "best" friends.

    And for my little Ruby - I will see to it that she has a least one!

  4. I LOVE this post. I have NO sisters, I always wish I had. I envy my friends who have sisters. I know I would be close to her, because I'm that kind of girl. I love to have someone girly to laugh with, and be crazy with.
    And discuss all the guy issues with. I have a daughter, and she has NO sister, two brothers.
    My sister died when she was born, so I do consider myself as having a sister, but I never knew her. I just know she is waiting for me to someday disscuss all the girly things with

  5. Absolutely wonderful!!! I think big families are so great! Especially when they are close...I have 3 sisters myself! My youngest sister lives just down the road from me...

    I am in love with that picture you've can I do something like it!!

    How's your Christmas season going?? Hope you're having fun!

    :) T

  6. I have a sister- 7 years younger than me...and though she was a PAIN.IN.MY.ASS growing up- I had to SHARE my room with her - she is my confidante, my cheerleader, my security guard and one of my closest friends. Oh, we have definitely had our fights- a few would have been mortal if they were not over the phone with her living several states away....but they pass...Cause nobody gets you like your sister.

  7. That would be pure heaven to live right next door to my sis! Lucky, lucky you!!