Saturday, January 2, 2010

99 things I love…

making lists
mongolian beef from PF Chang
light filtering through white curtains
creaky wood steps
flea markets
the sound of old typewriters
dining al fresco
the rat pack
my dog jake
old glass door knobs
the farmhouse I grew up in
gravel roads
white sheets fresh off the clothesline
pencil starfish
love letters from WWII
camping at state parks
decorating magazines
old sliding pocket doors
labeling everything in sight with my label maker
down comforters
big tvs
road trips
old chippy paint
sprinkles cupcakes
being home
the smell of fresh cut grass
subway tile
the ocean
beautiful business cards
squishy pillows
old crystal chandeliers
the smell of dryer sheets
rigatoni d from maggianos
shopping vintage boutiques
lake superior's shoreline
vanilla candles
the sound of crickets
outdoor summer concerts
cabinets with lots of little drawers
the smell of suntan lotion
white lights in trees
spending time “up north”
every dog I have ever met
english ironstone
jackson hole, wyoming
a good hair day
old fireplace mantles
wrap around porches
the number 8
giving gifts
the las vegas strip
u-pick strawberries
every single song by kenny chesney
the smell of cooking onions & garlic
dinner out with friends
fall leaves
the sound of lawnmowers from down the street
a good yard sale
cute elderly couples
someone saying ‘thank you’
white english ironstone
new car smell
finding a bargain
santa barbara, ca
singing in the car
falling asleep with the windows open
weekend trips
a success story
planning a vacation
being spontaneous
a sundae with peanut butter & pecans from culver’s
reality tv
100% Grape juice popsicles
laughing until I cry
michigan sand dunes
fabulous sunglasses
lemon bars
a hug from my husband
the smell of fresh ground coffee
my dad’s hands
wedding cake flavor ice cream
walking around washington dc at night
jeans that are actually long enough for me
old white dairy barns
the smell of a campfire
dipping a new paintbrush in a fresh can of paint
tjmaxx, marshalls & homegoods
all white covers on a bed

2009 was a great year...but stressful for me. I worked too much and enjoyed life too little. It was a blur. I just flew from one thing to the next in a quest to be everything to everyone. I couldn't say no to anything. I painted a record number pieces of furniture for clients...had a fabulous meal made for my husband every night...tried to do a reno on every room in my new house...took nieces and nephews on vacations in hopes of making fun memories for them. But, in the end, I found myself out of breath, out of shape and had no good memories for myself. To be honest, I am so happy there is official closure on one year to give a fresh start to the next.

So as I was painting some furniture today I had time to think. I promised myself that in 2010 I would enjoy the little things in life again. I made a mental list of crazy things...silly things...that bring me happiness. But, there is something about actually putting it in writing. Makes each thing seem so much more important.

My intention for 2010 is just simply slow down and enjoy it.

(photo found here...)


  1. Great list!
    The sound of a lawnmower from down the street... that is a great one. I find it comforting.
    And Kenny ... well, back off girlie, he's MINE! LOL

    I loved the list.
    I hope you get to enjoy 2010.
    Happy New Year,

  2. I absolutely LOVE your it!!! I read so many things from your list I love too...and I bet it was so fun writing each and every single one of those things down!:)
    Here's to YOU enjoying 20.10

  3. Your list is perfect. I need to try those popsicles. Oh, and I hear ya on the too-short jeans thing. So annoying!!

  4. Oh my gosh - i am going to attempt a list as well..might take me a while though! Love your blog, Mel xx

  5. I want to write a list too, thank for the inspiration and motivation to do so..great post! lulu

  6. I love your list! It's weird b/c I heard snowblowers down the road from me yesterday and it made me smile b/c in some weird way it reminded me of summer and hearing lawn mowers going.

    I hope 2010 is good to you.

  7. Fabulous list - I share many of those loves! Jade & I saw Kenny about 6 rows away before we had our kids - he was amazing!!

  8. Great list. THANKS for coming out and seeing us at the show and for all your faith in me. Looking forward to our upcoming trips:)

  9. oh so true, writing it down always makes it more clear! Cheers to the little things like Macaroni stuck to your babies butt when he gets out of his high chair!! I am so glad that you started this blog, it has been so fun getting to know you better! I can't wait to see what 2010 bring for you! blessings, Tara