Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more thrift store love...

I seem to be on a roll this week in the shopping department!

Yesterday I started my day with a trip to of my favorite places on this plantet by the way...and came out with $39 worth of groceries for $14.06! Did you know you can go onto Targets website...print their grocery coupons and then combine them with manufacturer's coupons?? If you didn't, I am hear to tell you...yes you can! I only bought what I had coupons for, but they were items I usually buy each week anyway. But that is truly another post. I could write a book on the whole coupon thing. I love the game of saving a buck.

Speaking of saving a buck...I love decorating my house...and don't mind admitting I am totally cheap about it, too! After Target I paid a visit to a couple of the thrift stores I missed the other day. Tuesday is half-off day at a couple of my of course I was there when the doors opened! Here is what I found...I hate it that I can't make my pictures larger, so click on them if you want to get up-close-and-personal.

You may remember me talking about the wire baskets in Monday's post. The one where the owner thinks I am some poor stupid girl that can only afford or want the cheap junk the store doesn't see as 'valuable'. Fine by me...and I am not about to tell him there are a whole bunch of us that actually love it! After I made my purchase, I had to ask him about these wire baskets I saw sitting in a curtained-off area. (A tip from me to you...ALWAYS peek in the area behind a curtain. That is where they keep the new stuff!) He said they were not worth making a tag for...and that I could have them! Thank you Mr. Rather Condescending...I will take you up on that!

This one is going in my new studio work space. I think it will be perfect for rolls of vintage wallpaper!

And these I have a very special project for. They will be going in my the Pottery-Barn-inspired desk my hubby just built for me! I am supposed to be painting it right now...I can't wait to show you as soon as I get it in place. Hopefully next week.

I can never have enough white ironstone pitchers. I have too many already...but I spread them all over the house and love each and every one of them!

I need to find my local chapter of Books Anonymous. They are something I just can't resist. I try to stick to titles that fit things we love or are just the right color. The two tan books drew me in because of the color...and they fact that they are from a series about dogs was a bonus. I have never met a dog a didn't like. I love them all. And the On the Beach could not have been a more appropriate find. I have a lot of "beach" in our house.

The bottom book was simply gorgeous. Who knows...this one I may put on etsy...but the graphics were just so gorgeous I could not pass it up! Just look at that cover!

My husband swears I have a built-in radar for galvanized metal. I have picked up every old piece that has crossed my path for the last 10 years! It takes the number 2 spot on my "please bury me with this list"...right after my white ironstone. This beauty is going in my office. I love pretty-yet-a-little-crusty storage.

Oh, and I can't forget my shell-motif antique picture frame...and a sugar mold candle holder for a buck!

I'm off to paint the desk I told you about...I better get to work! I have had too much fun shopping, I'm not getting anything done!

Here is my inspiration photo...lets hope mine is just as cute when I get it finished!


  1. Great treasures you found. I need to get my butt in gear and hit some thrift stores again. I have been missing them. Can't wait to see what your up to next

  2. You're definitely a pro! I adore your freebie wrapping paper basket! And I'm the same exact way about galvanized. Not sure what it is about it...but I find it super swoony!

  3. I love those baskets! Jealous of all your gorgeous finds!

  4. I am in love with everything you found on your treasure hunting adventure!!! Oh how I wish I could join in one of your trips, those finds are jaw droppingly gorgeous~

  5. I totally love wire baskets too. You are on a roll sister! What are you talking about you "don't do smalls" Or do you mean, you KEEP all the smalls you find instead of selling them? And the galvanized part? That's a farm girl thing :)

  6. My goodness girl!!! You brought home more amazing treasures. I love them each and everyone and especially the free ones. You are my kind of shopper. Let's go together some time. :)

  7. I love your items...and those books...especially the beach one...and that pitcher...oh I love...well everything...Can't wait to see what you do! And I didn't know you had an etsy shop:)

  8. Girl you are on a roll, love the baskets, i have so many it is a real sickness I think and the galvanized box...made me purrr! Can't wait to see your photos of your new desk!

  9. all of you treasures! I adore wire baskets...can't get enough! Wonderful!


  10. Oh - I'm dying over here. I have such a deep love for any kind of metal & you hit the jack pot! Plus those books - I too love old books - I even have a small dog collection! I'm envious - and I badly want to run out of my office and over to Catholic Charities now!

  11. Hi there,wow what wonderful finds,love them all...your a lucky girl!! All the best,Chrissy

  12. Love your finds... and that wire basket will be perfect for vintage rolls of wallpaper!


  13. mary, mary, mary! my goodness! you have some awesome thrift stores in your neck of the woods! i wish i could go shopping with you! what beatiful deals!

  14. Mary,
    I need to go on a thrifting trip with you. I love everything you found. The free baskets are awesome! And the books are beautiful!! What a perfect day, Target and great finds!

  15. Thanks for the Target tip, I am there at least 3 times a week and had no idea! What great treasures, there aren't many things better than ironstone pitchers and wire baskets!

    Best wishes,

  16. Wow, thanks for the target info! you are on a roll with some great, fantastic finds! love the inspiration photo iam sure yours will be better..can't wait for the finally! lulu

  17. Hi Mary, I was thrilled that you stopped by for a visit thankyou. Love all your vintage finds just gorgeous. Sandy x
    Sending some aussie sunshine yourway.

  18. I just love your wire baskets!!!You did get some really great deals....Kathy

  19. Totally awesome finds! I want it all:) Happy Junking, jojo

  20. Wow I just found you and it's a good thing we don't go shopping together because we would totally "fight" over the finds! LOL I love me a bargain too! I post stuff that I get for bargains too on my blog! Love the amounts and arrows thingy-hmm need to figure that one out!

    Always looking for a bargain,

  21. Just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I just recently bought an old wooden banker's chair on craigslist for $15 and will be putting on new casters and painting it white to go into my office!

    I am always on the hunt for a bargain and for great decorating ideas :-)

  22. Mary I think I need to go thrifting with you! Everything is fabulous!! You really found such great stuff! Can't wait to see your desk...

    :) T

    p.s. your photos are fabulous too!

  23. found the most amazing you need a shopping partner :o)

  24. Oh, you're killing me! Seriously.

    Judging by your keen eye and recent scores -- you're office is going to look even better than the inspiration photo.

    Now quit robbing the thrift stores of the world of all of their treasures!

  25. those baskets are my favorites!!
    can't wait to see your office

  26. Sweet! Did you know that you can use expired coupons at Target too? My favorite protein bars sometimes come with $1.00 off coupons in their boxes. The thing is...the most recent bars I bought don't expire until next winter...but the coupons expired last month. I used two of em' on Saturday.

    : )

    Julie M.

  27. i've been going through pages and pages of your blog and i just love it! you find the most amazing things! i must admit i'm a little envious, i never seem to find that kind of stuff here in california (or if i do it's WAY over priced). i'm drooling over all of your finds though. i loved reading about the WW II letters you found. amazing!!!

    well, i'm really glad i stumbled across your blog and i look forward to seeing more of your finds. :o)