Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's not nice to stare...

But, I can't help it! I am house obsessed. Always have been.

I have fond memories of being a child...and peeking in peoples windows.

No... its not what you are thinking.

Living out in the country it was a long drive to I had a lot of staring-out-the-window-time. I vividly remember driving home from church on Saturday nights...we had to pass through 3 small towns before we made it to our farm. I would be in awe staring through the windows of the houses where the drapes were open and the lights were on.

Is that weird?? Probably...but it was nuturing my early love of decor and architecture. I didn't want to spy on the people...just see their house. My favorites were always the big old houses with staircases. They always look pretty through a front window.

If you have been reading my blog the last few weeks, you know my mom had surgery...and it didn't go as well as planned. Anyhoo...she is getting better day by day...but is recovering at a "rehab center." I don't particularly love it there...and she spends a lot of time sleeping or at physical I spend a lot of time staring out the window. But with eye candy like this...who can blame me??

This is the house across the street from her room...I have to see it every time I visit.
And it is painful.
Because I want to buy it and live there!

Can a person be in love with an portico? If so...I am.
I want to walk through this entry

Oh, and I have to interrupt house photos with my faaaaavorite part. This would be where I have my office-slash-furniture painting studio. It has an authentic carriage house. And this one is H-U-G-E! I swear, my whole house could fit in this building.

I confess...I used to live in an old house...and I loved calling my old wood garage a carriage house. It was not...but I like to call it that because it sounded cool. A true carriage house is big...and tall. See the hay door up top? Love it. The two huge glass windows on the bottom right would be where the horses and carriages were kept. Too bad they didn't keep the sliding doors that would have been there. I have a love affair with old sliding barn doors, too.

I about died when I saw it had not just one...but TWO sleeping porches. I love the idea of sleeping on a covered porch in the summer months. They have built these in to make it more practial for the Iowa weather...but now they are so much less romantic! pretty. I can't wait to go back Sunday. You should see the old beauty next door to this one!

Am I alone in this....or does anyone else covet old houses?
And dream about old architecture?
Do you take random pictures of stranger's houses?

Seriously, am I the only one that will admit I look in people's windows at night!?


  1. Amazing.... I am guilty of house envy too!


  2. Gasp, swoon, drooling.....
    I'm in love.
    What a gorgeous house. Wow!

    I want a carriage house, and sleeping porches... oh, that house is a beauty.

    Hope your mom is doing better.

  3. Yes Yes Yes! I want to live in an old house with floors that creak when I go looking for the cat, a swing door that slams shut so hard it makes you jump,
    and old roses growing everywhere that no one can remember the name of them, thats how old they are.........
    love your blog!

  4. Can you knock on their door and ask for a tour? Would that be too bold? G'ahead. Take pictures. Show the rest of us. I'm sure the residents will be fine with that.

  5. Ok yes I do admit than when my husband, son and i go on our evening walks..when its nice out..i peek in to peoples windows too..i am dying to see what they decorate funny and close where you to the house? did they see

  6. Absolutely! When I was growing up, taking long drives and looking at open houses (and into unveiled windows of lovely homes whilst out on evening drives) was a favorite pastime of my family. That house is STUNNING! Is it a private home? And if my carriage house is little and rustic...but does indeed contain a horseless you consider it to be a real carriage house?

    Have a beautiful weekend, Mary, I'm praying for your mama.

    : )

    Julie M.

  7. Mary, your not alone, I like looking in the windows too. I don't care about what the people are doing inside. I just want to know what the woodwork looks like, the colors, the decor. Maybe we are sick people, but it is so much fun. That house is amazing, very yummy eye candy I would say. Happy to hear your mom is getting better. Have a great weekend!


  8. Oh that house is just beautiful! It really is...and I don't think there is anything wrong with taking pictures and looking:)

    Anyway ~ I hope your mom continues to get must be really difficult for you but I think looking at things you love helps right?

    Have a great weekend

  9. oh my
    that house is georgeous -
    and i would put my studio in that carriage house too!!
    thanks for taking the pictures and allowing me to envy those!!

  10. I am with you - I'm a total house stalker! We have two old brick streets in our town and they are lined with old gorgeous homes. My favorite time is at night because I can see into these homes - the staircases & woodwork - oh my!

    This house you featured is absolutely stunning & the carriage house is to die for too! I'm also glad that your Mom is recovering from her surgery.

  11. There is a street in Iowa City- Summit Street- and I covet a house there. Really. To the point my kids say - There's your house Mom- every time we drive by. I have said for years if i won the lottery, I would just walk to their door and ahnd them cash to move out by the end of the week. It has a carriage house too. Hope your Mom feels better and can come home soon.

  12. if only they put out signs...
    "come on in and take a tour"

    i'd be all over that!

    it's a gorgeous home. i lived in ames for a few years. never saw any as pretty as that one.

    hope your mom's better soon.


  13. oh my what a dream house! I would love to hear the stories from when the house was first lived in..

  14. I have been doing it as a child too! That house is beautiful, I would be taking pictures of it too. Old houses are my favorite. Hope your mom feels better soon.

  15. You are not alone...since I was a child I have loved old houses...I grew up in one that my great grandfather built. It wasn't in the best of shape but I still loved it. It had a wrap around sleeping porch. Sadly it was torn down and replaced...:(

  16. Mary, Your post is making me are not alone! I do love old houses, too! The house you posted is beautiful!! Oh...could you just imagine living there!!

  17. I just discovered your blog and it's fabulous! I would move into that house in a minute - it's lovely, and yes, you can be in love with a portico! I'm off to check out your other posts. Cheers!

  18. I just discovered your blog and had the best time going through it all - everything is so inspiring, gorgeous and you are one talented gal! I, too am obsessed with peeking though windows. I can hardly wait for spring so I can start walking again -at night of course! That's really the main reason I became a Realtor was so that I could go into as many houses as possible! Can't wait to see more ~ I just started my own blog last month and it's been so much fun meeting new people and all the support. :)

  19. I just LOVE this post, those homes are amazing! For as long as I can remember I have been peaking into beautiful homes. In the winter months when it is dark at 6:00 I would choose my route home from work in hopes that I could get a glimpse inside one of my favorite houses. Even as a little girl I loved going to my grandparents house because we had to drive through lots of little towns with these amazing victorian homes and would imagine what it must be like to live in such a beautiful and magical looking place.

    Thanks for bringing back those memories!

    Best wishes,

  20. This house in Dubuque belonged to my husband's grandparents. My father-in-law Paul L. Adams was born in this house in 1912. It is still occupied by family members and has been in our family since the 1880s.