Saturday, January 9, 2010

dearest darling helen...

It has such a wonderful ring to it...doesn't it?

I am so happy today.

I crawled out of bed extra early to stand at an auction all day...and did I mention is was only 5 degrees here?


But it was all worth it...because I came home with these.

92 of the most beautiful letters...lovingly written back and fourth...from Irwin to Helen during WWII.

Have you ever really read a letter from that era?

 "Dearest Darling Helen,
Twilight is gradually coming upon us..."

They are so genuine.

That is why they made my list of "99 things I love".

Notice the letter was written 65 years ago...almost to the day. Somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean that night was a ship...with a lonely young man that missed his wife.

I can't help but wonder where Irwin and his bride are today. Did they live a long, happy life together? Do they have children? If so, why would they not want to keep the letters? In one of his letters, he mentioned he had written one to her every single day before he went to sleep.

Tonight, my hubby will build a fire...and I will curl up on the couch...immersing myself in the words of Helen & Irwin.

The most perfect winter Saturday night.


  1. How wonderful, Mary! I'm so glad their letters found a home in the hands of someone who will cherish them!

    What a find! Have a beautiful evening.

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Oh how special! My hubby just told me that after his grandparents died, they found a box of letters like this, and his family burned them. Then, Jade & I both cried! Oh how I would have loved those letters!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful find.
    I love old letters.
    Enjoy your evening!

  4. What a beautiful find! I think I would get VERY emotional reading those letters~

  5. Thats amazing! So emotional. Can you post some of them. I would love to hear the story of Helen and Irwin..if there is one..lulu

  6. That is the most amazing treasure. I wish I could read them too. I am sad though that their families do not have them. I know you will cherish them and take good card of them. I hope you share more of their words.

  7. Oh that is so wonderful, yes i would love to hear more about this as well. Shame that letter writing is pretty much a thing of the past..Mel xxx

  8. Oh! I hurt for them! Where are they? Where are their children?! You have a precious gift!! One to hold onto forever! Oh! I'm so glad the letters are with someone who will treasure them, just as Helen did so long ago.
    Mary- maybe sometime you can share some of them with us? Thanks for this post.

  9. I am so happy so many of you want me to share these beautiful letters...maybe I will have to make it a weekly post. I'll have to think about that one. The very first letter tonight he wrote on the train as he left Chicago for basic training. How sweet is that? He was barely out of her sight and was already missing her. ~sigh~ True love like that is so rare and wonderful... ~mary~

  10. I love it when I find stuff like that...and I can tell you that some Chicagoland bloggers we both know will buy them after you are done...

  11. How wonderful Mary...those sound sooo beautiful!!! What a romantic night to sit by the fire after waiting in that cold to enjoy such is a bit sad though that families seem to let those go...but when you come across them...what a treasure you find:)

  12. Hi Mary!
    I wish I could show you more but that's all I have for now. This girl needs to do some shopping but the weather has been to cold and nasty. I hope to fix that this week. Hang in there! The best is yet to come..I hope!

  13. LOVE those letters. I hope your mom is doing well.

  14. So romantic! I'd love to hear some of the excerpts from Irwin's letters!

  15. So beautiful...and so nice to know that they went home with someone who will treasure I'm off to write by blog award post.

  16. Oh Mary, so true, a real love like that is so hard to find...I hope you enjoy those, and it does make me sad no one in the family wanted them, but then again they are in good hands now. how romantic is a hand written letter? Or 92 of them! :)

  17. It was wonderful to of you to share these gorgeous letters! I had a penpal and adored every letter! I wish the art of handwriting would come back!
    ~Angela Harris

  18. Hi Mary - I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful treasures you discover. But these letters are by far my favorite. I'm so touched by the salutation and first line! Like you, I enjoy all things antique and vintage because of their stories. I get so excited for each of your posts because I get new ideas! Thanks!